Colorful Abacus Soroban 7 rods

Highly recommended for use in any math abacus/ soroban course.
Size 12cm, 6cm,1.5cm

Plastic Colorful Abacus Calculation tool. 13 rods

A tool for mathematical Children Education

Counting Abacus With Reset Button 13 rods

Plastic frame and beads. Size 24cm, 6.cm, 1.8cm
Color: Blue and White

Counting abacus with reset button 13 rods

Plastic frame and beads. Size: 24cm, 7.2cm, 1.8cm, white and red.

Yellow Abacus with Reset Button, 13 rods.

Plastic frame and beads Size: 24.4cm, 6.9cm

Abacus Maths counter, Rainbow 15 rods

Colorful abacus, Size: 23cm, 6.3cm, 1.5cm

White Abacus counting tool 13 rods

Made of wooden material

Brown/red abacus with Reset Button 15 rods

Can be used for any maths abacus course Size: 23.5cm, 7cm, 1.5cm

2pcs Abacusses
(Green and brown) 15 rods

plastic Size: 23.4cm, 6.5cm, 1.5cm; 200g

Wooden abacus, Counting tool with Reset Button. 17 rods

Suit kids from 3+ Big beads. Vintage style

Traditional 17 rods abacus, Brown

Smooth surface, professional abacus. Size: 26.5cm, 6.1cm, 1.5cm

Teacher Abacus, 7 rods, Hanging.

Wooden frame, plastic beads. Teacher’s education tool Size: 33.2cm, 18.9cm, 3.5cm

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